A&I Coatings of VITRETHANE fame are now at the forefront of water-based technology in two pack floor coatings.

Demand for increasing environmental responsibility has prompted A&I to develop the ENVIROCHOICE range of low VOC coatings which is an undoubted winner.

A really good product sells itself: A dry sample is posted to the manager of a large factory. Some days later A&I Coatings is informed that ENVIROTHANE has been selected for installation. Why? “Because it was harder than all the others,” he explains.

ENVIROCHOICE coatings are being specified for carparks, warehouses, factories and other industrial applications

where durability, hygiene, anti-slip, and chemical tolerance are required.

ENVIROCHOICE coatings are economical, safe to apply, and low VOC certification is available by request.