LUNAWOOD® is an innovative pioneer in wood treatment and a producer of high-quality thermally modified wood products from northern Finland. It is a certified, legally sourced, non-rainforest timber containing no harsh chemicals and is totally stable and durable.

Key benefits include no tannin leaching, non- allergenic, superb stability and durability, low embodied energy and chemical free.

Lunawood’s unique range of solar screening, exterior cladding, decking and joinery products offer a highly competitive alternative and a sound ethical choice for your building and construction design.

This beautiful timber, of rich brown tones and sound knots, is thermally treated and contains no chemical additives. The treatment ensures it will remain stable and durable throughout its life. At the end of its life cycle it can be recycled or disposed of at any landfill and will not contaminate the environment.

Lunawood has the world’s largest thermal treatment capacity located in northern Finland. It is now available in Australia through Wright Forest Products, who are legendary timber distributors of ethical, high quality timber for exterior construction and joinery.