Introducing the Ecolume DL Series, an energy efficient alternative to your every day halogen and CFL lamps.

Powered by the Osram Oslon ThinGaN LED’s, the DL 90 series uses a quarter of the power compared to a 50W halogen while still providing light output better than the majority of the replacement solutions.

With a performance life of over 50,000 hours or 14 years if used normally, the DL series can significantly lower your maintenance costs and save you the hassle of frequent globe replacements.

Ecolume DL series are available in Daylight, Cool and Warm White with a range of beam angles from 80, 60, 50, 40 and 24 degrees, model dependant.

Each light is supplied with an ANZ approved power supply and IES Photometric data for your specification needs. Housing sizes vary between 100 mm and 140 mm with options of Fixed and Gimbaled.

Ecolume, a simple decision for your domestic and commercial lighting needs.