Fresh or “green” cement render and concrete is highly alkaline, traditionally requiring time to stabilise before painting, resulting in costly project delays and extended scaffolding costs. In the real world, project schedules compress and painting sooner often results in coating failures or unsightly alkali staining (white salts or “efflorescence”).

AcraTex® Green Render Sealer is an anti- efflorescence primer-sealer for fresh cement render that eliminates project delays and unsightly efflorescence.

It’s fast track — coat render after only two days with no more 28 day project delays; it stops efflorescence, has superior adhesion and is a water- based low VOC Dulux warranted system for cement render with AcraTex AcraSkin crackbridging topcoat.

AcraTex® Green Render Sealer eliminates the “28 day” wait cycle — meaning project dollar savings and enhanced durability.

• Water-based, Applicator and Environmentally friendly

• AcraTex® Green Render Sealer chemically reacts with free cement alkali to bind and block its migration

• Paint after only two days render drying — instead of waiting 28 days

• Superior adhesion to masonry

Note: Green Render Sealer is safe to paint after only two days (based on adequate drying of the substrate to a stable moisture content).