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    Heavy Duty Macerator & Greywater Pumping Systems

    For absolute reliability and power, Saniflo Australasia has released the powerful Sanicubic 2 Pro — ideal for the demanding needs of heavy duty commercial and residential sewage applications such as residential homes, commercial buildings, apartments, schools etc.

    Equipped with a wireless remote alarm, twin 1500W motors and a normal operating water temperature of 35-70° Celsius, the Sanicubic 2 Pro features multiple inlets for various fixtures and appliances such as:

    • Multiple urinals and toilets

    • Showers

    • Baths

    • Vanity basins

    • Washing machines

    • Dishwashers and more

    Installed at floor level, the powerful Sanicubic 2 Pro will pump both black and grey wastewater up to 11 metres vertically or 100 metres horizontally (or a lesser combination of both) to the sewer stack.

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