The trend towards high-density living and light weight building construction over the last decade has required an improvement in the control of noise in buildings. Wavebar flexible noise barrier enjoys an unparalleled 40+ years in effective noise control, offering a diverse range of soundproofing solutions.

Pyrotek Noise Control has applied its years of manufacturing experience to expand its range, using time proven Wavebar technology. These additional products have new supporting literature.

Wavebar® is used to stop noise transferring from one place to another. It can be built into construction or used free hanging, and can be further processed to suit different applications. Wavebar is available laminated for outdoor use.

Soundlag® 4525C pipe wrap uses Wavebar in combination with foil and acoustic foam to create a product to control noise from waste pipes and general plumbing.

Silentstep® carpet underlay has high-grade re-constituted foam laminated to Wavebar, which helps reduce noise related to the impact noise of foot traffic and the airborne noise of other activity.