LEICA Disto is the original laser distance meter, and the Disto D8 is the ultimate. It works where other measuring tools simply can’t, measuring slopes and inclinations, along with height, width and volume.

There is simply nothing like the Leica D8. It shows your target point on a big LCD screen and transfers data instantly and wirelessly through bluetooth to your laptop or pocket PC for use in Excel, Word, AutoCAD and other programs. Software is included.

There are more measurement options than you can imagine. The heart of this extraordinary device is a 360° tilt sensor that allows you to determine distances where conventional methods fail. No matter where you stand in relation to the subject to be measured, the Leica Disto 8 takes reference points and calculates and delivers the data. Use it for remote measurements, measuring around obstacles and in inaccessible spaces. You can see exactly what you’re doing on the large camera-like high resolution colour display.

It’s the world’s first digital pointfinder with a 4x zoom and large colour display. It is tough and weatherproof, designed for all kinds of applications in all work-site conditions.

The Leica D8 is simple, quick and accurate. It’s the ultimate solution to all measurement tasks.