Architectural vision and innovation is changing the shape of our cities. Whilst vision and innovation generally impart a sense of the modern and the contemporary, the natural beauty of Copper and Zinc is able to transcend age and its personality lends itself beautifully to not just heritage but also in the most modern of applications, both exterior and interior cladding, roofing and perforated screening applications.

Craft Metals is Australia’s premium supplier of Architectural Zinc and Copper, however our strength is not in just the supply of these quality metals, but also our depth of technical knowledge that ensures projects achieve the aesthetic beauty that was originally conceived.

Craft Metals’ technical team is able to provide support and assistance to architects from the very outset. We listen to what architects and their clients want to achieve and are able to give input into the application, finishing details and characteristics of the full range of Rheinzink, KME Copper and Falzonal Aluminium architectural metals that we can offer.

Detailed typical section and system overviews are available for all of our installation applications to assist with inclusion in DA drawings and ensuring an optimal result through all stages from concept to reality.