mei picchi has been working with ALU Italy since the early 1990s, continually evolving over this time. Exciting new innovations from ALU are now available from mei + picchi, offering even more unique merchandising and display systems to retailers, designers and architects.

Slider, the newest product release from ALU, is the only system of its kind, brought to you exclusively by mei + picchi. The system consists of aluminium wall mounted parallel tracks which can be used to display graphic panels, cubes and a selection of accessories. Once the tracks are installed, no tools are required to reconfigure the display. A patented lock mechanism guarantees safety and a high load capacity for the accessories.

This unique merchandising system incorporates the ability to slide graphics in and out of the wall mounted tracks, increasing the impact of your display. The sliding graphic panels are easy to update, providing a unique and flexible way to keep your message, branding and visual themes fresh. Slider gives you the ability to change, personalise, expand, downsize, move, remove, rotate and slide your boxes. This versatility extends beyond the retail environment and into corporate, commercial and domestic applications. Slider is innovative and offers endless inspiring possibilities…slide to creativity.