THE sheer beauty, texture and natural characteristics of timber floors has ensured they’ve remained the most popular choice of flooring, despite limitations and impracticalities. Now, the Tectonic Flooring System delivers all the aesthetics of solid timber flooring, whilst resolving every one of its failings.

Tectonic is a new and better way of delivering a flooring system that is heat resistant, moisture-resistant and has impressive sound reduction properties, whilst maintaining the integrity of the aesthetics.

Utilising advanced manufacturing technology, the Tectonic Flooring Solution is an engineered floor that combines a recycled composite base, with the natural features of a solid timber surface to create a flooring system that is incomparable in quality, stability and craftsmanship.

Guaranteed not to warp, cup, swell or split, Tectonic Flooring can be used over heated slabs, and in high and low moisture-prone areas. Better still, it is environmentally sustainable and renewable, meeting the highest environmental, health and quality standards in the industry.

Tectonic Flooring comprises of a Patented process made up of two layers. The base is a composite material that provides both stability and strength. This assists in controlling expansion and contraction when the moisture levels fluctuate. On top is a solid oak layer of the highest quality; hand-chosen, premium-cut to create a stable, flat solid surface.

Installation of the Tectonic Flooring to a solid sub-floor is fast and easy using a direct stick method. The Tectonic Flooring System comes with a single step adhesive, which is easily spread with a notched trowel onto almost any flat surface. It also replaces the need for acoustic underlay and a moisture barrier, providing unprecedented ease of installation and enormous cost savings. No acclimatising time is required, and the pre- finished surface eliminates the need for onsite sanding and coating — the product can simply be taken out of the box and immediately installed.

The Tectonic Flooring System has harnessed science and technology to produce a premium system that delivers the very best in form and function. The exemplary choices of timbers and colours have been derived from Europe, and utilise the most advanced coatings and finishes available.

Tectonic Flooring is an innovative, versatile and practical product, delivering beautiful floors that can be laid within hours, and enjoyed for a lifetime. There can be no other choice. Welcome to the future of engineered timber flooring.