Kingspan Insulation introduces Kingspan Kooltherm® K12, an innovative high performance rigid thermoset insulation, offering advanced thermal and fire performance in a clean, fibre-free, thin medium as an alternative to conventional bulk fibre insulation.

Compared to Section J solutions using conventional bulk fibre insulation, the Kingspan Kooltherm® K12 system reduces wall cavity footprints and increases saleable floor space by delivering high thermal performance in a slim profile. The Kingspan Kooltherm® range achieves the lowest conductivity values (l) of any commonly available insulation material in Australia, delivering equivalent product R-values to conventional wall batts in about half the thickness.

This system also keeps wall cavities clean and accessible for services such electrical wiring and plumbing.

In addition to Section J compliance, Kingspan Kooltherm® K12 also delivers peace of mind with exceptional fire performance. As a thermoset material, Kingspan Kooltherm® products do not soften and melt when burned, unlike thermoplastic materials such as rigid polystyrene insulation.

Kingspan Kooltherm® K12 is manufactured without the use of CFCs/HCFCs and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).