RMAX ThermaAdvantage® is a foil faced expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation board suitable for internal or external insulation applications, identified by its unique orange foil surface.

RMAX ThermaAdvantage® provides superior levels of insulation while reducing heating and cooling costs. It combines the outstanding thermal characteristics of EPS with the high reflectivity and low emissivity of foil producing a cost effective, space saving insulation.

Unlike conventional ‘between stud’ insulation, RMAX ThermaAdvantage® provides a continuous insulation membrane by covering studs and noggins, which can occupy around 15% of wall area, reducing the potential for thermal bridging.

RMAX ThermaAdvantage® is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions providing builders easy local access to product and short lead times for delivery.

Provides superior levels of insulation comfort with reduced heating and cooling costs.

Enhances insulation characteristics, dust encroachment.

Provides an early weatherproof envelope to the structure.

Enhances R values of the structure.

Low environmental footprint assists in maintaining sustainable building practices.

Saves space without loss of insulative qualities.

Easy to handle.

Can be shaped with knife or handsaw saving time.

Safe to use. Does not harm the environment.

Does not promote bacterial growth or provide a food source.

Provides as new insulation for the life of the structure.

Retains its R values even under the most severe conditions.

Maintains its insulative properties over the long term.

RMAX ThermaAdvantage® is a suitable and easier alternative to traditional between- stud insulation, reducing dust encroachment into living areas and providing superior heat loss and gain.

It can be used on timber, steel frame and masonry walls and is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial construction.

RMAX ThermaAdvantage® panels are quickly fixed to the stud using Pryda board fixers located on every stud horizontally and positioned at 600mm centres vertically. Once fixed in place the joints are then sealed with an RMAX approved joining tape.

RMAX ThermaAdvantage® is a good example of RMAX Innovation at work in the development of superior expanded polystyrene products for the building and construction industry.

RMAX is leading the way in assisting architects and building professionals to meet the challenges that six star energy ratings require. Innovative new products have been developed to provide unique solutions for today’s ever changing building environment.

If your next project requires a unique insulation solution, contact RMAX and talk to one of our specialists or visit our website.