Bathroom rubbish is often an afterthought in bathroom design, and the home owner ends up placing a small bin in the corner of the room which is an eyesore in the overall design. By incorporating a hidden bin solution at the initial planning stages, you will not only remove this eye sore but also provide your client with a functional bathroom.

The Hideaway Compact single 15 litre bin is ideal as it is designed for areas where space is limited. Its compact design allows for plumbing to be directed to sit behind the bin, maximising space inside the bathroom cupboards for personals.

All units are easy to clean and include a high quality, powder coated steel frame and Polypropylene buckets that are designed to last the life of the bathroom. The bins also include a perfume sachet for odour control, making it the perfect accessory for modern bathrooms.

Within the Hideaway Compact range alternate bucket configurations are available, so no matter how much space, there is sure to be a solution for your needs.