Previewing new ‘Point of Use Thermostatic’ range from Enware Australia.

Whilst this type of tapware is used around the world, the Aquablend SQX range will be the first approved in Australia. “Point of use thermostatics are a popular choice particularly in the UK, largely for reducing the risk of legionella in plumbing systems” says Tim Fisher, Marketing and Innovations Manager.

Designed in Australia, the range incorporates proven Aquablend technology for scald protection as required by the plumbing code. Specifically for applications where children, elderly, sick or disabled people require hot water burn protection under a duty of care and AS/NZS3500.

The range includes basin pillar taps, shower mixers and a wall mounted surgeon set. The extended handle option provides easy control and helps reduce the risk of hand cross-contamination through elbow control. The self-draining spout further reduces the risk of bacteria build up that can happen in stagnant water. Operationally the taps provide temperature control for the user with the in-built back up of anti-scald protection.

“This tapware provides a new choice for designers, particularly in aged care, hospital, medical, disabled and child care projects” says Mr Fisher.

Due for release in May, please register your interest for more information.