The recently completed Ecosciences precinct located on Brisbane’s old Boggo Rd gaol site is a dedicated science facility focussing on climate change, protecting our natural resources and environment, whilst developing more competitive and sustainable ways to grow farming, mineral, forestry, and marine industries.

Sealeck’s Bio-Containment group provided leading edge Bio-Containment Doors, Windows and a complete operational Fumigation Chamber.

The requirement to meet PC3 certification standards meant that doors and windows were installed into rooms to form pressure tight barriers as a means to prevent the escape or ingress of harmful bacteria. The Fumigation chamber was supplied as a complete stainless steel fully seamless room using three inflatable seal high containment access doors with electronic access controls that permit only one door to be opened at any time.

Doors and door frames are fitted seamlessly into the walling structure with recessed flush controls and electronics for seal inflation/deflation and door locking/unlocking functions. The completed stainless steel chamber including doors was pressure tested at the Sealeck plant prior to being transported to Brisbane and met particularly high pressure tight conditions with only extremely low leakage rates.

On site, the chamber was lowered into the building and connected to adjacent walls and services.