THE success of today’s modern interiors are characterised by the ability to successfully merge function and aesthetics. A functional operable wall system should also blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

Variflex® from DORMA translates creative and artistic ideas into reality and counters the most challenging aesthetic needs.

Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be effortlessly partitioned, made smaller, larger or reproportioned to suit individual requirements.

Any area, from a small conference room to a large exhibition hall, can be adapted to suit a varying number of uses.

Correctly setting up an operable wall is often an unenviable task. Variflex® makes the whole process easier through some very clever thinking. Panels incorporate a full length magnetic strip in each interlocking edge that assists in providing a positive seal and correct mating.

Similar to the function of a high end refrigerator seal, the magnetic strip ensures any acoustic leakage at the panel junctions is addressed.

The design and technology behind Variflex® is what sets it apart from other conventional operable wall systems.

Make sure you request Variflex® when designing your next operable wall.

Exhibiting at DesignBUILD, Stand 1900.