When zinc or copper are considered in a project they are usually associated with a subtle aged feeling, weathering slowly and adding a personal character to a building that only these metals can enhance.

Their longevity, character and personalities are a perfect compliment to the exterior of any building, however these attributes can be enjoyed also for internal applications, giving that warm subtle feeling without compromising the most modern of interiors.

As a complement to a stone or timber feature, installed as an entire internal facade or as a stand alone feature, Craft Metals is able to provide an entire range of Rheinzink Titanium Zinc or KME TECU Copper in various tones to enhance any internal application.

The Rheinzink interior range is treated with a protective layer to prevent markings and scuffing ensuring that the feature remains true to its original appearance for many years.

Tecu copper comes in a Brass and Bronze finish which can be treated to change the tone, if desired, and seal the final colour. Both of these products are of the highest quality and fully recyclable.

Or if a naturally aged look is desired then Rheinzink Titanium Zinc or KME TECU Copper in a mill finish will provide a timeless beauty and character to your project as it ages naturally under use.

An ageless product for innovative design limited only by the imagination. With a strong technical knowledge base and detailed understanding of architectural zinc and copper, Craft Metals is able to provide details and technical support on all aspects of your projects and ensure that the integrity and concept of the project is not compromised.