KEYSTONE Acoustics has a range of panelling solutions for all of your needs.

Our one-of-a-kind KEY-DESIGNA panels offer custom engineered finished products to match your unique design criteria.

Our KEY-DESIGNA panels have been used in a number of projects across the country, including The Cave restaurant in Maroubra. The Keystone product used was 12 mm KEY-PLY plywood with a natural timber veneer, clear finished on both sides of the custom-shaped panels.

This very unique and appealing design was aimed “to change the way we eat and chat in restaurants. The acoustic quality of restaurants contributes to the comfort and enjoyment of a dining experience. The timber profiles generate a sound studio atmosphere and a pleasant ‘noise’ of dining conversation, offering a more intimate experience, as well as a visually interesting and complex surrounding.

“The series of acoustic curvatures were tested and developed with computer modelling and each ‘timber grain’ profile has been translated and cut from computer-generated 3D data using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology,” according to Koichi Takada Architects.