THE original seven-colour palette of Stylelite Ultra High Gloss has been well accepted in the global marketplace. However, with colour trends constantly changing, EGR has released five exciting new colours, including striking metallics and bolder commercial tones.

Whilst the original Stylelite offer was mainly warm and earthy, the expanded range is purposely much more striking.

The new additions include two superb metallic finishes — Silver and Champagne — and three new solid colours — Alabaster, a warm and crisp white; Cobalt, a bold but dusty blue; and Slate, a slick dark grey.

All are expected to have broad appeal in contemporary residential interiors and many commercial and shop fitting applications.

Matching edge bands have also been developed for all colours in the expanded Stylelite range, including the ‘Magic’ Dollken two-in-one edge, designed to simulate the style and look of thick glass panels without the limitations of high cost, high weight and breakage risks of glass during fabrication and installation.

Combining the popular ultra high gloss of Stylelite with the Magic two-in-one edge creates a whole new range of cabinet and panel finishes which offer a highly exclusive appearance at a very moderate price.