For many years, the Australian construction industry has been in urgent need of a fully compliant EIFS board which can be genuinely specified and used on a variety of building applications with complete confidence.

In response to the industry’s need, RMAX Australia is proud to announce the release of it’s much anticipated EIFS product — OrangeBoard®.

After extensive research and development, RMAX has produced a premium EIFS panel which complies with all relevant Building Code of Australia (BCA) performance requirements and Victorian Building Regulations Advisory Committee codes and standards (VBRAC pending).

OrangeBoard® is manufactured from RMAX Isolite®, a technologically advanced expanded polystyrene (EPS) specifically designed for external cladding and thermal insulation.

OrangeBoard® is lightweight and rigid, allowing it to be easily transported, cut to shape and installed thereby helping to reduce overall project costs through reduced construction times and labour costs.

3 Exterior/interior use —

3 Structurally stable —

3 Easy installation —

3 Special custom sizes —

3 Moisture and rot resistant —

3 Suitable for render base —


Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the insulation material that in practical, economic and efficiency terms can be applied to all areas of building constructions — ceilings, roofs, walls, floors and under slab. It provides superior standards of thermal insulation, assisting designers and architects achieve the crucial 6 star energy rating requirement for insulation, contributing to sustainable building practices.

OrangeBoard®, like all RMAX environmental EPS products, is 100 per cent recyclable. The energy saved over the lifetime of an OrangeBoard® insulation panel in reduced heating and cooling demand more than compensates for the raw material consumed and the energy used in its production. OrangeBoard® does not contain ozone depleting substances and none is used in its manufacture.

For more information on OrangeBoard® or other products in the RMAX building range, contact us.

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