THIS amazing tool has thousands of applications, in all kinds of areas.

You can keep your eye on the job — even in dark places and underwater. At the tip of its probe is a waterproof mini camera with an array of LEDs to give you night vision up to 1.5m. The extendable flexible tube pokes into tight and dingy spaces, giving you an eyeful of the job on a remote screen so you can diagnose and solve problems and work where you’ve never worked before.

Imagine being able to delve around in the inner workings of machinery, work on inaccessible parts of engines, inside walls and drains. Use it to find lost tools, check pipe blockages, power connections — you name it.

Now you can easily work in cavities and hard to reach places with no problems. The wireless monitor lets you watch from a distance and you can record it as video or still images on the built-in card reader.

The Goscam Inspection Camera comes with a handy hook, mirror, magnet and MicroSD card to make it one of the most useful tools in your tool box.

Exhibiting at DesignBUILD, Stand D30.