EZYSHIELD Suburban provides an effective noise barrier and visual screening for residential and suburban applications.

EzyShield Suburban enables the freedom to create many aesthetically pleasing designs

• Overlap, Staggered or Flat design for fixing to posts can be achieved (see figures below)

• Boral Timber hardwood F14 100 x 100 H4 posts are recommended for total timber installations

• Lightweight and easy to install with tongue and groove joining system

• Engineered, warp resistant plywood panels (F14) can be painted for longer service life

• Very high acoustic performance

• Available in CoreTreat treatment against termites and fungus to H3 or H4 hazard level

• Supplied with a 40-year warranty against glue failure

• Offers a broad design scope and can be used in conjunction with other building materials

• Offers up to STC 24 for 24 mm and STC 28 for 33 mm thickness (NAL Report AFT480 and AFT481 respectively)

• Up to a 30 dB noise attenuation can be achieved (wall height dependant)