ROWLUX® Illusion film is characterised by its startling optical effects that add motion and depth to any project.

It is a multi-lensed effect polycarbonate film and is available in a variety of visual impressions in 26 colours. Translucent and opaque options are available.

Illusion Film is easily printable and can be scored, hot stamped, bonded and die- cut. This new specialty film is ideal for applications such as restaurant and bar fixtures, vending machines, point of sale, displays, aquariums, decals, signage, partitions, light pendants, home furnishing, business cards and many other ingenious applications — virtually anywhere you need visual impact or to attract attention.

There is almost no limit to the use of Rowlux® film.

The use of Rowlux film is only limited by your own imagination.

Innovative solutions for fitouts.