‘INDIAN Pacific Sleepers’ are constructed with structural concrete to authentic timber grain and come with all the added benefits and strengths of concrete. This makes them an ideal solution for retaining walls or path edges in public places as they are virtually indestructible and will withstand long-term use.

Designing new areas or upgrading existing areas is much easier with the Indian Pacific Sleepers as they are consistent and durable and are fully engineered for retaining walls up to 3m high.

A range of ‘hot dip galvanised’ corner and end posts make the installation process easy. The ‘outback’ option with its textured faces resembles the original sleeper while the ‘contemporary’ design has a modern look with a smooth finish with bevelled edges.

Both options come in a variety of natural looking colours and lengths up to 2.33m, so every design is covered. Custom options are available.

With the increased move to outdoor living, the ‘Indian Pacific Sleeper’ is an ideal long-term solution for adding aesthetic appeal to public areas — without the maintenance.