Today sustainability is a key consideration on most building projects. Clients are demanding greener building products whenever and wherever they can. Some common building materials like flashing, may seem innocent enough — until you realise that many brands still contain lead, which is toxic to people and animals.

Duraflash flashing on the other hand is completely lead-free, so it’s much more environmentally friendly. With Duraflash, you eliminate the risk of contaminating rainwater tanks fed from the roof. Even if you’re designing a building that does not have water tanks, they could be added at a later date. By specifying Duraflash, you can be sure the roof will be safe for collecting rainwater at any point in the future.

Because Duraflash flashing is lead-free, it’s also up to 86 per cent lighter than traditional flashing, so it’s much easier to work with. This means your roofing contractor will be able to make light work of every job.

The flexible ribbed design of Duraflash lead-free flashing offers additional horizontal stretch while the full adhesive butyl backing ensures greater watertightness. Duraflash complies with all relevant Australian Standards including AS/NZS4347 and is available in a durable UV resistant finish or a primer coated paintable option.