RHEEM’s Commpak® Continuous Flow Hot Water system is an innovative approach to meeting high hot water demands for commercial applications.

The Rheem Commpak® range has been developed to provide pre- engineered solutions for commercial hot water applications, starting with systems as small as two Commercial Continuous Flow units through to systems as large as you can imagine.

All systems are pre-assembled and can be either wall or floor mounted, depending on the system size.

With the launch of the new Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Water Heater, Rheem Commpak® is now available in models suitable for indoor installation, making it the perfect choice for tight plant rooms and requirements where fluing is a challenge.

The flue system is room-sealed coaxial design manufactured from high grade stainless steel inner and aluminised steel outer.

The flue is certified for up to a 9m lineal run and 3 x 90° bends and is suitable for vertical or horizontal termination when used with the appropriate terminal.

Separate ventilation for combustion is not required as the air for combustion is supplied in the flue outer and the flue system can be installed with zero clearances from combustible materials.

Rheem Commpak® is the most efficient gas commercial hot water system available that provides mains pressure performance in a tankless format.

The Rheem Commpak® range has a five-year warranty on the heat exchanger and one-year warranty on parts and labour.