THERMAWALL Silver™ is a RMAX environmental EPS product with a unique difference — it contains minute particles of graphite that act as infrared reflectors which considerably reduce thermal conductivity.

Now builders and designers seeking to achieve the 6 star energy rating can get vastly improved insulation performance with the same board thickness or conversely, achieve the same energy rating as normal EPS using a thinner board.

Producing thinner panels consumes fewer resources. Alternatively, as an efficient insulation that will last the life of a building, ThermaWallSilver™ is a better environmental choice than other insulation systems.

The unique silver-grey colour identifies ThermaWallSilver™. It is exclusively manufactured by RMAX, Australia’s leading producer of environmentally friendly EPS products using BASF Neopor® technology.

ThermaWall Silver™ is a versatile insulation medium suitable for multiple applications, both internal and external. It creates a healthy and comfortable living environment, while reducing energy use and costs, which continue to work for the life of the building.

ThermaWallSilver™ enables more streamlined structures to be built while providing the same or better insulating effect. The infrared absorbers or reflectors considerably reduce thermal conductivity. The insulation effect of ThermaWallSilver™ can be up to 20 per cent higher than with conventional EPS.

Practical advantages of ThermaWall Silver™ include:

• greatly improved insulation effect

• reduces stress and the risk of crack formation

• dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and ageing-resistant

• non-glare work in direct sunlight due to a reduction of light reflection

• easy handling during processing due to weight advantage

• easy to cut and install

• planning and processing reliability due to homogeneous material

• cost advantages due to the comparatively thinner insulating material

• proven processing method similar to conventional EPS

• versatile application possibilities

• proven performance in buildings in Europe

Therma Wall Silver™ puts a silver lining on your insulation.