METLAM Australia Pty Ltd, a 100 per cent owned and operated Australian company, has introduced the energy saving EcoFast™ Hand Dryers to Australia. This is the smallest and lightest high-speed hand dryer in the world — it is half the size of any near equivalent high speed hand dryer currently available.

Using only a maximum of 1 kW in operating power, EcoFast™ will save up to 80 per cent in energy costs compared with conventional 2.4 kW hand dryers.

A minimal amount of materials are used to manufacture EcoFast™ and all can be recycled and reused.

EcoFast™ dries hands in 10-15 seconds.

It has been created to easily match every environment, without using materials that compromise the user’s experience and is easy to clean. We can provide different cover materials, including steel and stainless steel, with different surface treatments such as enamel coating, stain chrome finish, bright chrome finish, etc.

EcoFast™ is made with fewer materials, occupies less space and reduces energy costs and drying time!