Sylvania Lighting Australia offers a range of quality LED lighting fixtures under the brand name SyLED.

Extensive product development has ensured an optimum range for interior architectural, exterior and roadway applications, along with a range of LED lamps.

Technical and Commercial manager for the brand, Andrew Taylor, says: “LED light sources have reached the threshold where they have commercial kudos, both in terms of energy savings and also optical performance”.

“However, the adoption of this technology is threatened by battalions of non-lighting companies offering poor compliance products, whose only aim is to make a quick buck. Products must be intelligently and responsibly designed to achieve genuine performance and comply with Australian codes and standards.”

OfficeLED is a recessed LED luminaire designed to create brighter office spaces, eliminating the traditional gloom associated with louvres. Leading edge LEDs from Samsung provide quality and quantity of light, surpassing traditional fluorescent performance, allowing easy compliance with the BCA.

OfficeLED is available in non-dim, dimmable, with RGB colour central panel, and with a variety of motion and daylight sensors for true intelligent lighting solutions.

For more information about the OfficeLED, contact your local Sylvania Lighting representative.