ALPOLIC fr has rapidly become Australia’s number one in aluminium composite cladding, being that Alpolic fr is a non-combustible, highly versatile and strongly recommended by many renowned architects, which gives you a good idea of what possibilities Alpolic fr has to offer.

Available in a wide range of colours, Alpolic fr is ideal for internal and external use in the construction of new buildings or the redesigning of pre- existing structures. Alpolic fr has a high rigidity and excellent flatness which gives it an edge on all other aluminium composite panels, meaning the size of the building has virtually no limitations.

Alpolic fr is the answer.

Specifically, Alpolic fr is recognised for its unique properties, such as its mineral-filled core and state-of-the-art Lumiflon paint finish. This non- combustible, durable and cost effective cladding provides a distinctive appearance and enhances the aesthetics of any building it’s used on.

Mitsubishi is the worldwide manufacturer of Alpolic fr, operating in conjunction with SGI Architectural. This partnership has established a firm grip on the Australian market.

Alpolic fr is also recognised as an eco-friendly green star composite panel by Ecospecifier.

Alpolic fr is distributed Australia wide by SGI Architectural Pty Ltd.