THE Grass Sensomatic Opening System by Hafele offers electro-mechanical opening of drawers and pot drawers, striking a balance between design and functional comfort. The drawers open electronically, simply by touching the drawer front. The movement is smooth, precise and elegant. The drawer closes silently and softly with the integrated Airmatic Soft-close. Sensomatic offers the best of both worlds.

The Sensomatic Opening System can be used for all applications, including double-walled steel drawers, timber drawers, wire baskets, waste bin systems and even pantry units. All Grass Nova Pro Drawers up to 1,200 mm wide and 70 kg weight capacity can be combined with Sensomatic without having to modify the drawers.

Sensomatic offers ideal solutions for the furniture designer — the electro- mechanical opening system allows the use of handle-free surfaces, clean lines and simple elegance of form. Sensomatic is also extremely frugal in terms of power consumption and the space occupied by the drive unit behind the drawer, taking up minimal space and making a small environmental footprint.

Sensomatic ensures that each movement offers something for everyone, functional precision and ease of use to suit your lifestyle.