Stormtech’s drainage solutions combine elegance with efficiency, sustainability and adaptability.

Initially, architectural design requirements for a hobless level entry shower prompted the certification of the slimline grates for use as a shower drain, creating a world first.

Stormtech Slim Line is a patented Australian designed and made lineal grated drain system which can be used in showers, bathrooms, thresholds, balconies, paved areas, driveways and pools - virtually anywhere a high performance, high quality contemporary looking drainage solution is needed.

The attractive slimline grate exists in stock widths of 38 mm, 65 mm or 100 mm. The grate fits into a shallow PVC channel or stainless steel channel that is supplied as part of a ready to use installation kit.

The system connects directly with all standard plumbing fittings and have a Watermark Standards Australia International certification.

For outdoor applications, the 65AG100 and 38AG90 Special Assembly products are narrow profile, high capacity drainage systems allow for flexibility in landscape and pool design and construction, including wet edge or infinity pool situations.

This patented manifold drainage system reduces the need for traditional wider grating. It is composed of a PVC channel with outlets every 200 mm connected via downpipes to corresponding sockets in the pipe below. The Special Assembly is then completed with a stylish 'slimline' stainless steel grate.