KEYSTONE Acoustics has an exclusive range of panels that meet the BER requirements with consideration to your budget and environmental factors.

Our innovative Key-Endura has been the preferred choice of acoustic lining panel for BER projects and are Australian- made to suit the standards specified in 9 mm square or recessed edges.

Extensively used in the following applications:

• multi-purpose halls

• auditoriums

• classroom walls and ceilings

• partitions

• balustrades

Keystone Acoustics also offer three other versatile materials which are aesthetically pleasing and acoustically effective, achieving between 10 to 20 per cent open area.

Products include:

• Key-Eclipse Group 1 (no added formaldehyde MDF)

• Key-Ply Plywood

• Key-Board 13 mm Plasterboard

Please contact Keystone’s technical department for further information on your BER products.