SUPAWOOD’S new ‘Supaslat Maxi’ lightweight decorative timber beams

DO you need a design with large chunky beams for either ceilings or walls? Are you concerned about weight and fixing? Supawood’s new Supaslat Maxi solves the problem. It weighs less than 2kg per lineal metre for a 200mm deep beam.

Supaslat Maxi timber beams are 50mm thick and can be supplied in nominal standard depths of 100, 200 or 300mm and in lengths up to 3600mm. The beams are simple to butt-join on-site to achieve longer lengths and will not warp or twist as can be experienced with solid timber.

Supaslat Maxi’s honeycomb core (over 80% of the panel thickness) is 100% post consumer recycled paper waste which together with ultra-low VOC Supafinish concept veneers achieves maximum Green Star credits.