THE only way to convert two handles to a single mixer without ripping tiles.

Updating taps and fittings involves a lot of work breaking tiles and having a plumber to reconnect pipes or install waterproofing. But this can be avoided with the new Australian-designed Quoss product — the Reno Transformer.

The design offers homeowners, renters or hotels a fuss-free way to transform old taps into a stylish single-lever mixer without the need for a professional plumber or breaking down walls.

The Reno Transformer Patented Fitting Technology allows for the transformation of an old bathroom to a new bathroom in just minutes.

Taps are interchangeable and easy to install due to the innovative fittings and the drill-free rail bar system.

Owing to its innovative fitting technology, many types of new wave products can now be easily retrofitted, such as the Thermostat shower, Thermostat bath, Cobra style taps, sensor tap and Diverter (bath/shower).

After eight years of extensive research, Quoss has released its new Reno Transformer series into the Australian and New Zealand market, with the US and Europe to follow shortly.