CRAFT Metals manufactured and delivered over 5,000 feature panels for Audi Lighthouse, the Audi Centre Sydney in South Dowling Street, Zetland.

The panels were produced as per strict specifications from the awarding party and punched and bent to a meander shape and finally anodised to a bright silver appearance.

Craft Metals works in partnership with engineers and façade installation companies to deliver custom-made high quality panels in aluminium, copper and zinc.

Perforations offer many new possibilities for individual designs and support new structures made from high quality pre-painted or anodised aluminium, TECU® Copper and Rheinzink® titanium zinc.

Our processing facilities allow for endless possibilities, with regular or irregular patterns, a scattered look or straight rows with different hole sizes. 3D patterns, shapes or profiles also provide functional and aesthetic qualities.

New innovative processing methods by Craft Metals in architectural applications and architectural branding lead to a lively building envelope and opens new perspectives for creativity and new ideas.

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