PERFORATED, slotted or custom patterned KEY-PLY panels are engineered to create a natural and organic timber appearance.

A variety of aesthetics can be created with pre-finish, including natural timber veneers, full gloss or semi gloss, stained and painted effects with a variety of layouts and borders.

The inherent acoustic qualities of KEY- PLY combined with precision perforation techniques will achieve optimum noise reduction, especially when used with K100 backing.


Interior and exterior walls and ceilings include:

• high traffic area walls

• building entrances and foyers

• high impact wall linings in shopping centres and hotels

• school halls and auditoriums

• theatres

• studios

Features and benefits

• natural feel and warmth of timber

• a myriad of finishes and styles

• low embodied energy

• thermal insulating properties

• cost effective

• versatile in design and shape

• impact resistant

• lightweight

• can be used with Rondo System®


Panels are one-of-a-kind solutions custom engineered and specially manufactured for specific design criteria.

Keystone Acoustics will work with you to devise a precise solution tailored for your needs. This may include combining a range of materials, shaping and grooving techniques, perforated lettering for internal signage, decorative patterning and more.


• feature walls

• any internal walls or balustrades

• clubs and hotels

• office fitouts