THE S1E Eco-Screen™ is a revolutionary product providing eco-friendly retractable insect screening, UV protection and thermal control with fingertip operation.

S1E by Centor Architectural allows homeowners to have complete control of their living environment. Used singularly or paired together, S1E is ready for use, whatever the season or time of day.

S1E retracts horizontally and discreetly into its frame when not in use. For a multi-function option, choose a combination of insect screen, UV protection or thermal blind fabrics that suit your requirements.

Create a system using an insect screen with thermal control blind to prevent insects entering the home during the day and provide thermal protection and privacy at night.

Architect and director of BASE Architecture, Shawn Godwin, says S1E is the system he has been searching for.

“Privacy and protection from insects and the sun has previously meant changing the whole dynamics of the look and feel of the design. The combined Centor screen and blind system changed all that. S1E allows the building to stay true to its outdoor design. Blinds have always been an issue for architects, ensuring they won’t clash with windows when open or look like some clunky add on. S1E just disappears. It’s brilliant.”