ELEKTRA DM20 Under Tile Heating by P.A.P. Heating Solutions is also known as ‘on demand’ or ‘quick response’ due to its ability to heat up quickly.

Under Tile Heating may be installed over cement or timber floors and is ideal for multi-storey projects. It has great flexibility in application, being used in projects as small or as large as the client brief demands. Floor coverings may include tiles, low pile carpet, parquetry and some engineered timbers.

ELEKTRA DM20 Under Tile Heating cables feature a robust twin cable design with a single power end. The client has complete control over temperature and operating times with OJ High Efficiency Thermostats. Our components are compatible with remote operating systems and running costs can be minimised by the use of renewable energy sources.

ELEKTRA Heating Cables come with a 10 year cable Warranty.