COMFORT HeatAustralia has the heating solution for school halls and gyms. Hydronic underfloor heating is the only sustainable way to heat from the floor up and is able to be installed under timber floors, as well as in slabs.

In large floor areas such as gyms and school halls, traditional heating options have been inefficient and dependent on radiant heat sources within the usable space of the halls. Underfloor heating provides gentle atmospheric heating to the hall or gym, which does not make activities within the space uncomfortable.

As the heating is installed in the floor, there are no added pieces of equipment within the hall space.

The heating is efficient as it is low heat, utilises a floor sensing thermostat and can make use of sustainable energy sources such as gas boilers, wood fired stoves, heat pump units and solar panels.

Comfort Heat Australia can provide the design, supply and installation of the hydronic system, which when installed requires minimal maintenance.