RMAX Polyphen® is a fire-resistant foam that can be used as part of a steel sandwich panel system to provide up to a two-hour fire rating. It is ideal for use in the construction of party walls where it slows the spread of fire.

Polyphen® is the first insulation product developed in Australia to be endorsed by Factory Mutual, the largest commercial insurance company in the world. Using Polyphen® presents a lower risk of fire damage and potential death, which can translate into lower premiums for the life of the structure to be insured.

The composition of RMAX PolyPhen®

EPS is renowned for its strong mechanical properties, thermal insulation and its ease of use and ability to be formed, but it has a lower fire rating than phenolic foam. Phenolic foam, on the other hand, is brittle and difficult to work but its fire resistant properties are exceptional.

RMAX Polyphen® is a combination of both, combining the best qualities of each medium. The finished product is a rigid foam made from a matrix of expandable polystyrene and phenolic resin.

How Polyphen® works

New Architectural and Design Opportunities

From an architectural perspective fire-rated design doesn’t need to be compromised because of fire rating regulations. Polyphen® can be installed in sheet or laminated form and can be profile cut to ±0.5 mm. This opens up design opportunities that have been denied in the past.

Official Ratings

Polyphen® in a steel clad sandwich panel has been assessed by the CSIRO MIT Fire Science and Technology Laboratory and achieves a Group 1 classification, which is the highest criteria for fire hazard properties of building materials and assemblies under the Building Code of Australia as tested pursuant to the ISO9705 Room Corner Test.

The CSIRO report states there was no excessive flame spread or smoke production and the test room did not reach a flashover condition, unlike other insulation products. Tests using PolyPhen® in a rendered condition as RMAX ThermaPhen™ are now being undertaken to meet AS1530 part 4 and similar results are expected.

A demonstration of effectiveness

At a flame point temperature of over 1,000°C and after three minutes there was no noticeable change to the reverse of the Polyphen® foam sheet and the temperature did not exceed 25°C. This demonstration was performed under controlled conditions and should not be conducted without consultation with RMAX.