Acoustica’s QuietWave® has been named as one of Australia’s 100 most innovative products according to 1,600 maven judges in one of the largest and most audacious innovation awards of its kind in Australia — the 'SMART 100' Index*.

The multi-award winning QuietWave® wall system achieves the highest possible 6 star acoustic AAAC (Australian Association of Acoustical Consultants) rating with the smallest possible footprint for a dry wall system.

QuietWave® provides savings of up to 50 per cent in the width of the wall against conventional drywall systems, a gain of 1m2 of floorspace for every 6.6m length of wall.

The product is ideal for retrofits, party walls between apartments, hotel rooms, offices, nursing homes, townhouses, home theatres, etc.

Totally free of plasticisers and environmentally friendly, QuietWave® is a combination of organic molecules and naturally occurring minerals.

* Leading Australian business magazine ‘Australian Anthill’ and market research leader Colmar Brunton joined forces to create the Smart 100 Australia’s largest innovation awards.