STORMTECH has specialised in narrow shallow drains since 1989. The use of metal grates in bathrooms and other interior areas provides more flexibility in design when building new or renovating.

Strip drain, lineal drain, floor drain channel and slot drain are a number of ways to describe grated channel drains installed into a shower or bathroom. Architectural design requirements for a hobless level entry shower prompted the initial marketing and certification of the slimline grates for use as a shower drain, creating a world first.

A floor waste does not have to be round or square!

A stylish strip of stainless steel in the floor for a shower, bathroom or other wet areas such as a threshold creates a single plane of fall, facilitating the installation and finish of most floor surfaces such as large format tiles.

Stormtech also provides custom design and manufacture services where stock items may not solve tricky site issues.

Stormtech was a finalist for the 2007 export awards in recognition of the success of the innovative products in international markets. We have also been recognised for our innovation with a DesignMark at the 2004 Australian International Design Awards.

It is commonly said that imitation is one of the highest compliments, and that is certainly the case for Stormtech. Unlike our complementary local and international imitators, we have retained 100% Australian manufacture to ensure consistent quality, timely supply and most importantly support Australian industry.

It can truly be said that we supply stormwater drains to the deserts and steel to China. An iconic Australian success!

Exhibiting at designEX, Stand 2406.