ThermaWallPlus® from Rmax is a new generation external cladding technology that combines exterior cladding with insulation enabling projects to achieve the crucial five star energy rating requirement for insulation, contributing to sustainable building practices.

ThermaWall Plus® is suitable for traditional building applications as well as opening opportunities for new designs and building techniques and is suitable for both straight and curved wall applications. The durable textured surface needs no preparation and is ready to accept basecoat render to achieve a variety of finishes.

Strong: The insulating core is reinforced with the patented ThermaWallPlus® fibreglass enhanced surface coating technology, providing strength and impact resistance against everyday backyard knocks.

Easy to Use: ThermaWallPlus® 2500mmx 12000mm panels are easy to move and work with, leaving cavities free to enable easy installation of services.

Lightweight and Strong: The panels can be easily handled buy one person and are ideally suited to applications where weight is a concern, such as second floor installations.

Termite Resistant: ThermaWallPlus® uses patented termite resistant PerformGuard® EPS. PerformGuard ® has been thoroughly tested in the USA and is safe, non-corrosive and non-toxic.