AFTER years of successful application in the US and European markets, Nuplex has launched RapidShield into the Australian industrial flooring market.

“Being able to continue high volume traffic and production on a recoated floor in just minutes is unheard of using conventional materials,” says Steve Taylor, business manager of Nuplex Construction Products.

In line with the increasing importance of OH&S, RapidShield contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), is solvent-free and non-flammable. RapidShield’s paint system for safety striping and signs will last up to five times longer than conventional solvent paint lines, saving money, traffic confusion and possible injury.

RapidShield can be applied in an almost infinite spectrum of colours, as well as clear, allowing for increased clarity and visual impact in safety areas on the plant floor and also for aesthetic applications such as corporate branding.

RapidShield’s durability can demonstrate huge reductions in paint, floor wax and VOCs compared with current methods. In several case studies, RapidShield has saved over 3,000Lof paint, 1,000L of floor wax and 2,000 kg of VOCs in a 12 month period.