VIRTUALLY maintenance free makes Vogue the first choice for leading architects and builders everywhere. Vogue is proud that its product is 100 per cent recyclable.

Being extremely sustainable and having a fantastic 20 year warranty means they will last longer than coverings such as draperies, blinds etc. This obviously leaves a “smaller footprint” on the environment.

Unlike curtains and blinds which can produce microscopic inhalable airborne fibres, and are able to harbour mites, Vogue shutters are non- porous and allergy friendly.

Offering sliding, BI-folding, Hinged or Fixed Shutters, Vogue offers the unique trade of being totally unaffected by the sun, rain, sea, air or any water. This makes them ideal for your home.

The unique benefit of the Vogue Vinyl Shutter resides in their level of UV stabilisation, and unlike other shutters, Vogue Vinyl Shutters will not fade, crack, warp, peel or discolour, and are the only shutters ideal for the inside or outside of your project.

Exhibiting at designEX, Stand 328