THE Ancon 500 is a new, high performance tension bar system combining the aesthetic appearance of the original Ancon system which was launched in 2002.

The new tension bar system has a 50 per cent increase in capacity and comes in sizes ranging from 8mm to 42mm. It is available in carbon and stainless steel including hand and electro polished finishes.

The system is an architectural as well as a structural element. In addition to providing a high load capacity, it meets the demanding aesthetic requirements of today’s applications:

• Canopies

• Glazed areas

• Roof structures

• Timber construction

Ancon Tension Systems comprise a stylish range of fork connectors, locking nuts, bars, couplers and discs.

Components can be supplied in a variety of finishes to provide corrosion resistance and to meet the demanding aesthetic requirements of many architectural applications. The system can be used to create a variety of assemblies, from simple tie bars to complex bracing systems involving several bars joined at one point.