THE Sustainable Demonstration House in Noosa, by builders Ausmar Homes and designer Ellivo Architects, shows sensitivity to the environment through its design, civil works and materials chosen.

Set within an exclusive enclave, this home features the coveted up-market look of smooth render with seamless horizontal jointing, which is created quickly and easily with James Hardie's Scyon™ Stria™ cladding.

This advanced cladding material delivers design flexibility, working with classic through to contemporary themes. It has a variety of corner finishing details to choose from and a more geometric treatment can be created with a 15 mm vertical groove option to match the horizontal.

Just how easy is installation? With Stria™ cladding, once the first board is fixed level, the shiplapped joint on the next extra-wide 4.2m long board is fixed to the top of the previous and can be concealed or face-fixed and joined on or off stud.

Stria™ cladding is also a low maintenance product. It maintains its integrity and general appearance significantly longer than timber, resists shrinking, swelling and cracking(1) to hold paint longer than wood and can also be painted dark as well as light colours.

Enhanced energy efficiencies can be achieved too.

You can be confident with Stria™ cladding — it has a 25-year product warranty and a 15-year paint warranty (Wattyl Solagard®).

The Sustainable Demonstration House is an entry in the Look Green Home Design Awards™.

(1)When installed and maintained correctly.

Development: The Sustainable Demonstration Home, Noosa, QLD

Builder: Ausmar Homes

Designer: Ellivo Architects