LIBRARIES are places for reading, studying and thinking — not for noise! Supacoustic Panels by Supawood ensure whatever the noise, it is absorbed to create a quiet environment without distraction.

Supacoustic prefinished wall or ceiling panels are the preferred choice for all sound absorption applications by both architects and acoustic consultants.

Supacoustic panels can be custom manufactured for the project, or if the project is budget constrained then standard kits of prefinished panels are available for either new builds or retrofits.

An affordable range of Supawood panels has been developed for the current government school initiative, including:

• separate floating panels to fit between existing fixtures

• flush ceiling panels for rapid installation into a T-bar grid

• a basic panel system for lining broad areas of ceiling or walls

Whatever the acoustic requirements, Supawood can make available test results to assist acoustic consultants in calculating the correct specifications.

Supawood is the innovative leader in the development of cost effective panelling solutions.