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    Sound Solutions for the Environment

    Environmental sustainability is a core element of the Dulux business philosophy.

    To that end, we are committed to the ongoing research and development of innovative products that are more sensitive towards nature, whilst continuing to deliver high performance results. This is evident in our proactive shift from solvent-based products to water-based alternatives, and the introduction of Australia’s first low VOC paint in the early 1990s.

    A member of the Green Building Council of Australia, Dulux’s drive to strike a better environmental balance is further illustrated in our holistic approach to the overall painting process. From initiating sustainable business partnerships, through to products and even the actual clean-up stage; Dulux enables specifiers and tradespeople to achieve excellent results for their clients and the environment.

    The Dulux EnviroSolutionsTM range in particular delivers products and processes with reduced environmental impact.

    Dulux EnviroWashTM System — a water-based paint wash and treatment system for trade that turns dirty paint wash-out into clean non-potable water and solid non-hazardous waste.

    Dulux Waste Paint Hardener — a powder-like substance stirred into left-over paint, resulting in easily-disposable solid waste.

    Dulux Wash & Wear with Eco ChoiceTM — the Eco Choice symbol identifies premium Dulux paints with low VOC emissions.

    Dulux Aquanamel® — for use on all interior and exterior doors, walls, windows and trim, the new improved formula now has dramatically lower VOCs, is 100 per cent carbon neutral and certified ‘Greenhouse friendly’ by the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO).

    Dulux Professional® EnvirO2 — a range for professional applicators, this high performance paint is 100 per cent carbon neutral and certified ‘Greenhouse friendly’ by the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO).

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